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Links to and relevant agencies websites. These webpages are updated whenever any new announcements are made :    (UKVCAS Appointment centres in the UK)

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Summary of key material as follows :

Visa/Leave to remain expiring before 31st July 2020

If your visa/leave to remain expires before 31st July and you cannot leave the UK because of travel restrictions or self-isolation related to coronavirus (COVID-19) then you can request an extension to your leave to remain until 31st July 2020. Please note however that if you are planning to remain in the UK you should still ensure that an application for further leave to remain is submitted before your leave to remain expiry date.

If your visa/leave to remain expires before 31st July and you are in a category where you are not normally permitted to ‘switch’ to your chosen category of further leave to remain (including when you are here as a visitor) then you will be able to apply from the UK up until the 31st July 2020. Please note that if you are in the UK as a visitor , you can apply to switch into the family or private life route even if your visitor status expires after 31st July although you must apply by the 31st July itself.


Application and Service Centres in the UK

Some UK Visa and Citizenship Application Centres (UKVCAS) have re-opened for existing customers (those who had appointments booked pre-lockdown) from the 1st June 2020. As from the 22nd June ,appointments for those who were unable to book appointments before the temporary closing of the UKVCAS centres on the 27th March will be informed shortly that they can now book an appointment although they will be contacted in date order depending on when the UKVCAS account was created. This would include those who have already submitted an on-line immigration but have been waiting to be able to book an appointment.


Applying from outside the UK

Some UK Visa Application Centres have now re-opened. Please see links below for further information on which Visa application centres have re-opened

Announcements on the re-opening of centres in other countries should follow soon although this is dependant on each countries situation.


Furloughing of Tier 2 sponsored employees

You can temporarily reduce the pay of your sponsored employees to 80% of their salary or £2,500 per month, whichever is the lower.

Any reductions must be part of a company-wide policy to avoid redundancies and in which all workers are treated the same.

These reductions must be temporary, and the employee’s pay must return to at least previous levels once these arrangements have ended. The temporary changes to their salaries should be reported to the Home Office via the sponsor management system.